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FESTIVE nail polish!

It's nearly December - like the f, where had this year gone?! But I'm loving it (McDonald's add voice). It's means that Christmas is just behind the corner. And I'm so so excited!! But enough about that, time for some nail polish beautifulness for holiday season!

Nail it! shade n.07

This one really isn't that festive, but it's a beautiful nude-pinkish shade, which is perfect for the base or just on its own. 
It applies beautifully, really a smooth and nice affect and best of all: it does NOT chip! I find myself wearing this almost till I'm bored of the color and want to take it off, not any sooner.
This brand is new to me, since I haven't try any other Miyo products yet, but this nail polish definitely impresses me!

Caught On The Red Carpet (cute name!) n.17

This one is a beautiful basic deep red color, which you can wear pretty much everywhere and you'll look fab!
It applies better than the usual Catrice nail polish, because it has a tip applicator which actually helps (and that comes from me and I'm terrible at it!)
However the wear power isn't that good, so beware, if you're applying it, I usually apply it just for night or so and then I'm forced to take it down.

Kitch Me If You Can n.45

This is a beautiful, beautiful shade!! I absolutely love it! 
You do however need a base under it (it looks good with, already mention Miyo, Nail it!), because it's quite sheer on some parts and you need more coats of it, for the full affect - but you won't regret it!
Oh and, don't you love the names of nail polish in general, so pretty (hate the shade numbers though!)

Dive Bar

This is beautiful greenish-blue sparkle color. It's great for the evening, and to me it just screams HOLIDAY! Like any other Essie polish, it applies beautifully and the wear power is good, as well.
However, I do have quite a bad staying power on my nails, probably just the texture of it, so don't take my thoughts on power wear too harshly. 

China Flower

This one is quite a vibrant red color, so I usually wear it when I want a touch of something something. It applies really good, and the wear power is great as well (even on my nails!). 
The only think that I don't like, in fact I really dislike it, is the scent - it so overpowering that it gives me headache.. don't really find the need to have scented nails, do you?

Pink Charming n.04

This one is a pretty sparkle pinkish-viola color. The affect is really quite something special: it has shimmer but it's MATT! I was amazed by the formula and the finish it makes. Really impressed.
However, the staying power is terrible! - which is quite a surprise for me, I find that the simmer sparkle polish usually stays on much longer! This one usually chips after one day, bummer!

What's your favorite polish for the festive season?


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