sreda, 10. december 2014

11 FACTS ABOUT ME (addition to Liebster Award)

*this blogpost is a part of Liebster Award post.
  1. I am afraid of pigeons. SO MUCH. Oh, and bats, as well. :(
  2. I am not a morning person! But I try.. and I fail.
  3. I study Special Education
  4. I am always late, for everything. (Oh, and I try at this, too!)
  5. I often offer a Orbit to strangers, helps making new friends (It just crossed my mind, hope they don't think their mouth smell!)
  6. I am from a small small country called Slovenia (comment, if you know where is it - and don't google it!! :D)
  7. I really like Subway cookies. 
  8. I am terrible at arguing.. My boyfriend complains about this all the time. I become silent and explode around two hours, or days, after the argument. 
  9. I want to know what time is it, every second of my awaken life!!
  10. I really like old RnB music. 
  11. I really don't like talking through the phone, prefer texting! - it can become so awkward speaking with someone on the phone, do you agree??
Damn, that was harder than it looked.. Can't imagine what a struggle would be if I would be doing a "50 facts about me" TAG?!

4 komentarji:

  1. I totally share your love of Subway cookies! NEED to know their recipe!

    Elesaurus |
    Youtube - Eleanor Rose

  2. Right?! They're so yummy, but probably really butter based. :D Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Raspberry cheesecake Subway cookies are my ultimate favourite!! And I totally agree about speaking on the phone - texting is just so much easier! I can't even think of 11 interesting facts about me, nevermind 50 haha.

    Loving your blog :) x

  4. Uhhh, don't have those here...sounds yummy! Right, it's so hard hehe.
    Thank you lady :) xx