nedelja, 15. marec 2015


Since I finally manage to investigate Lush store here in Ljubljana, I became kinda obsessed with Lush products. Here's my TOP Five I want to get..soon!

1.) D'FLUFF Strawberry Shaving Soap

How cool does this look? PINK shaving soap with actual strawberries as ingredient!! The inspiration behind the soap is strawberry marshmallows, because they are soft and creamy when melted. I am dying to try this out and see if my skin likes it.

četrtek, 12. marec 2015

Corine de Farme Micellar Water REVIEW

Hi guys, 

how are you doing? I'm enjoying this beautiful sunny day and really looking forward to spring, coming soon, I smell. Today I'm going to review micellar water that I haven't heard of. It's by a brand called Corine de Farme, from whom I haven't try anything before. 

I really wasn't a fan of Micellar Waters before. And yes, I have tried Garnier's, Bioderma's and L'oreal's - shocker, right?! They just didn't clean my eye make up nicely, woke up with huge panda eyes everytime, Garnier and L'oreal's one sting my eyes, so I just gave up. Been using Coconut Oil for removing my make up since then and it worked like a magic! Really quick and easy, and my eyeballs weren't greasy after washing my face with water. If you haven't tried Coconut Oil before, please do! It works its magic and you just need a tiny little bit.

So I ran out of my Coconut Oil a month ago and my local pharmacy didn't have any on stock, so I went to Muller to buy a replacement. Was really hesitant at first, but I actually LOVE it!!! 

It comes with a pump, which is great. I usually need 3 pumps for both eyes, if I'm not wearing really powerful smoky eye that day. It contains 500 ml (for your comparison: Bioderma contains 500 ml as well, Garnier's 400 ml and L'oreal 200 ml), which will serve me for a couple of months, I bet! I have been using it for one whole month, and I'm still at really beginning of the bottle (L'oreal one I finished in TWO WEEKS!!). I'm guessing that's because of the pump, you can really dose the product the way you want to. 

The price is similar to Garnier's, around 6 €, but it contains more product. Online is 6,69 on this page.  Which is quite cheap for the value of it. 


It takes of all the eye make up, including mascara and eyeliner. I use one pad (3 pumps) for eye make up) and 2 pads (3 pumps) for face make up. It takes it OFF!!

The only down side of this product is, that it contains parfum. The smell is really pleasant, quite sweet, but really clean and it does not bother me at all. But I don't have a sensitive skin, maybe it isn't for the really sensitive ones. Texture is basic, like any other micellar waters, like water, nothing special. 

I strongly suggest you try it, because I'm pretty impressed. And let me know what you think. 

Have a nice day! :)

nedelja, 08. marec 2015


Hi guys!

Finally I manage to get some goodies from Lush and beside "Favorites' from Lush, I also bought an cleanser called Herbalism. Since I have had quite a few problems with my skin in the past six months, I wanted something natural but still powerful enough to cleanse my skin and maybe help my breakouts a bit.

torek, 13. januar 2015


Hi beautiful people of the internet!

Today is quite an random blog post, that I decided to write an hour ago. Oh well, I find spontaneous writing a lot better than planned, so why not?! As I did mention in some of my previous post, I didn't actually write New Year Resolutions this year. The reason is, my resolutions didn't really change from last year. Not because I was lazy and didn't do them, but because they are constant work, not something you can check of the list and you're good to go for the whole year. For example, travel more, try to eat healthy, don't avoid your problems, ... If I try to actually accomplish these goals, I need to be persistent and try most of the days. 

On my NY Resolution List last year was to get fitter. And that is one of the only things I stopped doing, after I reached my goal (and that was in June :O, you are terrible, Karin!). I found it hard to work out and eat right during summer, because so much things happen, you are always on the go and travelling around and you don't have that much time on your hands (I know, what a lame excuse!). 

petek, 09. januar 2015

Changes are hard :(

there will be no drama.. don't worry! ;) One of my new years resolutions was to finally change my work relation and find a new job. I was complaining about it for so long, that I felt ashamed to even complain to other people, because I did nothing to change the situation - so I haven't had the right to complain. If there is something I believe in, is: If you're unhappy, just should change what you're doing. 

torek, 06. januar 2015

NEW in Karin's Make Up Bag

Hi yall!
Today I present you my new additions to my MAC collection that I got as Christmas presents. HURAY!

MAC Lady Danger Matte Lipstick is a beautiful orangey red color (MAC describes it as: vivid bright coral-red). Lipstick is totally matte, that's why it can be a bit drying on the lips, but not to much. Nothing that a bit of Blistex can't fix.