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Live in a moment - a NEW WAY!

a bit of a differemt post..
Sorry I've been so out of the picture for the October month!There's been lots of changes, new year at school, a lot of works stuff.. There's going to be a blog sceduele soon, I promise! :)

I started college again and I'm working a lot more than I used to. Plus dance classes, plus trying to schedule to see my boyfriend and friends, I saw myself just being out of the place. 

I've been calling my boyfriend while working, texting my friends while being with my boyfriend, managing work stuff while in school, .. It was crazy, inffective and super disorganized.

If this desription doesn't sounds fimiliar to you, I applaude you! But truly, who hasn't texted while being being at school?!

One day I was browsing the Pinterest Quotes page, and I found really, I mean, REALLY known quote: LIVE IN A MOMENT. I started to think..

we actually use this quote just when we want to enjoy! I always thought about it just when I was out partying or wih my friends shopping, always just thought about the nice, fun things. And the result was: I was actually pushing away my problems that way. 

I don't know, is it just me, but I really don't like dealing with any kind of problems - a lot of times, they aren't really a problem, I just make it a problem with capital P Is it just me?

And when I was havin fun, 
I  just said to myself: Oh well, you're having such a good time, stop worrying! But actually, when the time of work or school came, I wasn't really dealing with problems or different tasks, I was talking with my girlfriends on FB!

 Meaning: I WILL NOT be doing ANYTHING else, only what I should be doing!

Example: At work - I won't touch my phone, won't go on Twitter, YouTube or FaceBook, won't have coffee breaks longer than 5 minutes, ..
               In collage I will listen to the profesor, I will make notes, I will try to not chat with my classmates, and I won't be checking my phone at all.
These examples might look quite strick for some of you (I hope not many), but quote actually goes both ways. Meaning, I will be in a moment with my friends, my bf, while watching YouTube, because I did everything I should everywhere else!

Example: I will finish all my work at my work, so I don't have to do it at home and I can spend time writing blogposts.
               I will enjoy my time having drinks with the girls, not answering my boyfriend's texts, and then I will call him, after.

I hope you get it: that's not the meaning of my post or the quote for that matter, ;)
It's actually really basic logic, but it really works in my case. I find myself being better in school and better in work and I have a lot more fun when I have free time, because there's no hidden TO DO list in my head.

I hope that you did get what I'm saying, it's a bit hard to explain.
So please, if you're dealing with the same problems as I did, try this "method', I'm pretty sure it will work. :)

Till next time..

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  1. Focus on school and blog when you have free time :)
    Cute blog!

  2. I totally get what you're saying. I know for me it is sometimes hard to turn off the part of my brain that thinks about work, but sometimes you have to FORCE yourself, so you do not burn out!

    Aisling | aisybee.com

  3. yeah, we all need some chill out time! xx