torek, 16. september 2014

Fall TO DO List

Hi guys! In my country is kinda official start of FALL time! And even though schools starts in fall and it's the end of fearless summer, I'm really excited

It's time for scarves, tights - everyone look best in Fall! It's a great time for hot chocolate, lighting candles that smell better than food, warm cosy nights in, lots and lots of cuddling - it's great time. 

So I came up with an idea.. let's make every season worth while. Let's cherish the season, so it does not just fly away.

Every new season I'm going to make a list of things you should try to do before the season ends! Are you up for a challenge?

Well.. it's not really a challenge, more: how to enjoy every season! I'm excited!

1. Learn how to make S'mores Hot Chocolate (click here for the recipes)

2. Transform your apartment/room in fall colors (click here or here for inspiration)  

3. Try hard to come up with a good Halloween costume - remember, when we were young? It was SO much fun dressing up.. we can still be kids!

4. Collect colorful fall leafs (and maybe you can use them as DIY for your room!) - they're so pretty and colorful (okey, we did get it, they are colourful!)

5. The weather in fall is still quite nice - go to a library and read outside (maybe with a cup of hot chocolate..mmm)  

6. Try something you have never tried before! It can be the most random thing as going to a drive-in cinema or bungee jumping, YOU decide! Just try to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! 

7. Remember. Make memories last with taking photos of the activities and yummy food (I would love to get this finally, AND they have new colors, AHH!)

8. Make Pumping Pie (this looks really yummy!) 

9. Get yourself the BEST pretty pretty sweater you can get!

I'll be doing and posting all of "to do" list on my instagram, so you can join me, if you want to. Lets enjoy fall all together!

Talk to you soon, 

5 komentarjev:

  1. That s'mores hot chocolate makes me want to through my diet out the window and go make a batch! I bookmarked the recipe and will whip that bad boy out for a special occasion!

  2. We are on the same wagon then!! I just tell myself, who cares about the diet, it almost winter now, we'll worry about our shape in the mid spring ;)

  3. okey after reading your About me, page, I feel kinda bad for writing about diet like that.. hope it's alright :)

  4. Oh my goodness no! Don't ever feel bad for something like that! What you said was funny no need to feel bad =P

  5. This post makes me so excited for the Fall and winter months. Such a motivational post. :) I love it!