četrtek, 11. september 2014

Drugstore BARGAIN!!

Short on a budget after an expensive summer vacation? Want (or should I say) need more make up, but can't afford it at the moment? I have a solution!
After a long time without buying any new make up products - which was excruciating hard, but needed to be done - I've stumbled across some new products in Mueller (maybe they aren't new, but I never seen them before).
The total bargain was  The Velvet MATT Eyeshadow from Catrice Cosmetics!


"The Velvet Matt Eyeshadows with a new premium texture contain ultra-soft shimmer pigments for a velvety matt finish. Thanks to the silky, highly pigmented formula, the Velvet Matt Eyeshadows practically melt with your skin to create a radiant look."

They have 6 different colours, and I unfortunately just got one (Jump Up And Brown) (3), because all the others were sold out :( It's really a torture when you can try the eyeshadow tester and the product is amazing, but when you want to buy it, you can't. It sucks.
If I could, I would buy at least two more. All Burgundy (4) - such a nice color that can suit any eye color and perfect for the fall time. And Vanillaty Fair (1) - just for inner corner of the eyes, it would look amazing!

I did get another thing from Catrice Cosmetics: it's called Liquid Metal (in Heavy Metal). The color is beautiful! The pigmentation is unfortunate not nearly as good as the Matt one, but it's kinda ok, on the "meh" side, I would say.

Other colors: Pink-Up Girls (2)Welcome To The Graysland (5) and Most Wanted Color (6).

First of all, they are completely matt, which is really hard to find in the drugstore. And the second thing, the pigmentation is amazing!!! It can be for sure compare to high end products, heck, some high end products don't come even close to these ones! And the feeling of the eyeshadow is so soft, it reminds me of velvet. And the last part, the price is total bargain if you ask me, for - wait for it - 4, 29 €!
Jump Up And Brown & Heavy Metal 
The only thing I have to criticize is the fall out. There's a lot of mess when applying both of these products. The tip I can give is: just apply the eye make up first, and then go on with skin primer and foundation and so one. In this case, the dust won't stick to your skin, and if it does, just use a make up wipe and clean the mess.
All done.

I would highly recommend the Matt eyeshadow, it's really worth it, in my opinion. And who doesn't need few more neutral matt shades in their collection? You can buy it here.

Have you tried any Catrice products and what do you think? Does the price really always defines a product's well performance?

Talk to you soon xx

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