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Yes, you have read correctly: till now, I haven't own any MAC products, actually I don't own any high street products at all. The case is, because Slovenia is such a small country, big stores like MAC or Sephora, just aren't interest in selling products here, it isn't worth it. The other thing is, as a student, I can't really afford to buy expensive make up that often, because there's a lot of thing that I really need, however, make up I don't, I just really love. So the story is..  

I was in Krakow this summer on a holidays, been saving forever for this trip (maybe talk about Krakow experience sometime soon, if you're interested?). Imagine my shock and excitement as I went to the big mall near AirBnb's place where we stayed, and I saw ... TNTRRRM!! ( imagine drum roll!): Sephora&MAC&Sephora again, and 3 drugstore shops!! Like kid in a candy store!

So, first thing's first, I dragged my boyfriend to the Sephora and was just amazed by all the products there! it was like: oooh yeah, I've read that this PoreFessional Primer is amazing, MissGlamorazzi raws about it, and these NYX lipglosses are fantastic for their price and this is awesome.. It's amazing, that my boyfriend didn't lost his mind!

However, I had decided, that I would wait for the last day, before we leave, to actually buy the products, because I didn't want to spend the money on the make up, and then couldn't afford to experience some of Krakow top places, if you know what I mean. 

So the last day finally came, and I had list all the things that I want to buy, some from Sephora, a lot from Drugstore and something from MAC. Don't get me wrong I was excited for every little thing that our Muller in Ljubljana doesn't stock, but the MAC experience was on a whole other level. 
MAC looks like just so professional space, like all black and silver.. I actually felt like I was a bit underdress, wearing flip flops and shorts in the store. I know, silly me. I went inside knowing exactly what I want: a lipstick. Shame on me that I thought, my desire was exact - HOLY CRAP, they have a lot of lipsticks!! Shop assistant was super nice and really sweet, so my sopping experience was great. 

I end up buying lipstick PLUMPFUL (it's a Lustre, if anyone is familiar with different MAC's finishes, I'm still a bit confused). The fact that I bought this particular lipstick can maybe be connected with EssieAffect as I knew that she raws about it (check out her blogpost about it: Back to MAC Lipstick> Plumpful) - I know I talk a lot about her, but she just seems like a great gal. But overall, I just fell in love with the colour. 

It's a pinky viola shade with a nice glossy finish (as you can read, I'm terrible at describing). It's BEAU-TIFUL! It's quite pigmented and super moisturising on my lips, so it doesn't look terrible, if you don't use a lip scrub, before applying it. It does need a few touch ups through the day, but a lot less than any other lipstick I had ever try! I just love it. It's the shade, that can suit anyone, light or dark skin. I find myself wearing it through the day or in the night, just when I want a bit of something more. I feel like a princess wearing it, laugh all you want! 

So.. I don't regret buying it AT ALL!  

What's your favourite lipstick, do you like this one?

Talk to you soon, 


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  1. Lovely shade!

    New post on my blog it'll mean the world to me if you check it out :)

    1. Thank you, I love it! :)
      I for sure will, have a nice day :))

  2. Great choice! It looks really lovely on you!! :)

  3. Thank you! But it's not actually my lips.. :D

  4. Absolutely love the color! I have tried very hard to resist the lure of Mac products. I know once I buy one I will open up the flood gates and buy more then I could ever need.


  5. The colour is lovely really suits you and my favourite one that I have is Half & Half or Shy Girl a favourite with my clients too :)

  6. Oh thank you so much for commenting! Yeah Shy Girl is great for everyday make up look. I have so much of them on my WL now :D
    Love your blog btw, last post is genius! xx

  7. Right?! It's like opening a door of heaven but don't want to, because you'll be suck in! :D And there are so many good products, it's good we don't have any MAC stores here :D Thanks for stopping by xx