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Fault In Our Stars VS Fault In Our Stars

Are you, as well, victim of falling for this book that everybody talks about? Or are you just dying to read it, but can't find it anywhere? Then, welcome to the club, I guess!

My first contact with this multi-million worldwide bestseller was actually through EssieButtonVlogs - basically, she (and her boyfriend) were so amazed by the film and the book, and so just excited to tell us what happened.. so I was like: OK, if Essie says it's good, that it's probably true. 
My excitment was shown as I went to the book store near by next morning, wanting to purchuase it. BIG SHOCKER! It was sold out. So as I waiting for it to restock, the small blue book appeared EVERYWHERE! In the other vlogs I watch, in the blogs, on the TV.. It was like a big blue John Green explosion! Long story short, got the book (you can get it here or here).

This was my first book after 6 months, and I had read it in 3 days, while I was on holidays! Maybe you don't get, what that means.. I'm pretty much a big book worm. Because of college stuff I couldn't afford to read and relax for a bit, so when I finally had time.. I wanted something good, relaxing, something that would make me laugh and think about stuff for more than just a second.
 *if you didn't read the book YET, I suggest you stop here. ;)
Boy, was I impressed. Yes, it is a big love story with a sad ending but it's so much more than that! John Green has such a nice writting style, it's a pleasure to read his words, as they sometimes sound so unique and different (especially when it comes from Hazel Grace mouth's). I don't know, if the writter had any experiece witcancer, but the way he discribed fear of dying or more fear of what's going to happen after I die, it's pretty heart breaking. The characters were really well thought out, especially Gus's; not only he was a boy, that every girl would fall for, he had little perks and stuff that just made him unique. 
If you couldn't tell by now, saying that I like the book, it's a bit of understatement. Would it be lame, if I said, I cried a bit? Well..I did. 

So when I came from holidays in Croatia, I check online for the movie, because it isn't in theaters yet in my state. And I must say, not a fan of the that much. Film does capture the feel of the book and there are pretty much the same lines as in the book (just not the last lines, which in my opinion, are the most important and just give you a good feeling - can't really explain it, go read the last few lines, and you'll know what I mean). Shailene Woodley did a great job following the book and she really looked like Hazel Grace that I pictured in my head. And OMG is this girl beautiful or what? (chech the IMDb picture!). On the other hand, I didn't like Ansel Elgort as Gus that much. Probably it's just the problem of "reading first the book, that watching a movie" because it's not the same as you picture it while reading. I felt like there wasn't a good conection between the two and..I don't know, something was missing..
To finish my babbling, I suggest you to read the book first. It's amazing and you'll get some thinking out of it, however the movie is shown as just another Hollywood movie - it does have a sad ending, but that basically it. I'm not saying, in no ways, that you shouldn't watch the movie, but just read the book firts and than be the judge. And if you cried when watching the film, get ready for some subbing while reading as well!
I'm guessing most people won't agree with me, but hey, it's just my opinion. What do you think, did you like the movie, the characters?

Talk to you soon, 


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  1. Amazing post,love it:)
    Keep in touch xoxo :)

    1. Thank you! I had checked your blog, it's super nice and pretty! :)

  2. Hiya! How do you get the Disqus comment section on your blog? Thanks:-)

  3. Hi! you just go on Disqus web page and you click: Add disqus to your site - from there you have all instructions you need. :) If you have any more questions, feel free to ask :)

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  5. No problem! :) I think it was like half a day or something, but I'm not sure..

  6. The film can't even compare to the book. I didn't like how in the film they made Hazel out to be a complete loner. Hazel did have a friend from her school and they went shopping together at the start of the book. It wasn't fully true to the book.

  7. I agree. Book is on a whole other level! :)