nedelja, 15. marec 2015


Since I finally manage to investigate Lush store here in Ljubljana, I became kinda obsessed with Lush products. Here's my TOP Five I want to get..soon!

1.) D'FLUFF Strawberry Shaving Soap

How cool does this look? PINK shaving soap with actual strawberries as ingredient!! The inspiration behind the soap is strawberry marshmallows, because they are soft and creamy when melted. I am dying to try this out and see if my skin likes it.

2.) Sex Bomb
I am a believer that you have to smell bath bombs, before you buy them. Some of them are just too power smelling to me or don't smell at all. But this Sex Bomb (apparently yasmin in the bomb is working wonders as afrodiziak, not convinced yet, lol) looks so girly and cute, I really want to sniff and try it!

3.) Mask of Magnaminity (face and body mask)
Since I tried the Herbalism cleanser by Lush, I really want to try more! This one is actually a deep cleansing face and back mask, so you leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash off.  I still have quite a problem with my skin at the moment - on my face and on my back I'm being greeted with small acne spots that annoy me deeply. So I am curious if this mask will help.. 

4.) It's Started With A Kiss
Haven't really seen a lot of review on Lush Make Up, so I want to try it myself. Swatches that I've seen from this lip tint are really promising, it looks like a nice natural color. And the fact that there is white chocolate in it, excites me greatly!!

5.) The Hair Doctor

I usually don't give my hair a break - I color it every month, washing it A LOT of times, because I'm annoyed if they're greasy, I curl it.. basically everything, that isn't healthy. So I'm always on the hunt for new, better, hair mask. This one looks promising. It should re-energize your hair, make it more shiny and less broken. Sounds good to me. 

Till next time..

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  1. From the day I was in Italy I fell in love in Lush. It is amazing and gorgeous and very productive shop. So, yeah I've got my own wishlist with like hundred products. Pretty much obsessed.
    Love your blog content it looks like you are an amazing writer.



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  2. Gabriëlle La Croix06. julij 2015 18:29

    Oh love these!